The Beginning

This blog exists for one purpose: to bring honor and glory to God by proclaiming the truth of the atoning, substitutionary death of Jesus Christ.

Amid the myriad of blogs available there exists all kinds of opportunities for anyone who can conjure up a username and password to espouse whatever view fills their mind and runs out onto their keyboard. This is not my first attempt at blogging. However, each time I’ve ventured into the blogosphere I did so at the urging of friends or in a pursuit of some kind of personal accomplishment. Those efforts were initially exciting and interesting, but after a while, much like any other selfish expedition, the blogging became overtly self-serving and burdensome.

By God’s grace and power, this blog will not fall into that trap again. If at any point this selfishness and sin appears to be creeping back in, I invite the reader to correct my error. I need the accountability of brothers and sisters in this effort as much as any other.

As the posts become more regular, I pray that you are blessed by what you find here. For God’s glory and the salvation of lost souls, let us begin.

Tell Us What You Think

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